cattle insurance
Raising livestock and poultry to sell can be unpredictable and risky. That’s why a solid and affordable cattle() or poultry insurance policy is a necessity. This insurance protects the investment from those unexpected events and accidents that can decimate livestock and poultry. Farm cattle insurance can be customized to cover the specialized animal group, whether the cattle, crocodile, pigs, sheep, emu, goats, chickens or any combination of these on your farm.

These policies cover a broad range of death causes and may be divided into two kinds of coverage:

  • Comprehensive Coverage : A broad peril coverage that includes accidents, sickness, disease and injury; normally includes theft.
  • Limited Coverage : Covers a specific list of incidents, such as:
    • Accidents : Drowning, shooting, loading and unloading, falling objects, fire, smoke, electrocution, explosions
      Weather events: Flooding, lightening, wind, hail.
    • Natural disasters : Earthquakes, volcanic eruption, sinkholes.
    • Crimes and civil unrest: Theft, vandalism.
    • Systems breakdowns: Water, heating, animal attacks, collision or other death while transporting.

Some insurers may include a more comprehensive animal mortality policy that includes sickness and disease or policy options for a specialized type of animal. There are three ways to cover your animals:

  • Individual coverage : This insurance usually covers higher-value animals on an individual basis. The animals are listed on the policy according to some identifying marker or description, such as an ear tag, and covered for a specific dollar amount.
  • Blanket coverage : This type of policy allows you to insure all your farm property for a predetermined value. It includes structures, equipment, tools and livestock.
  • Herd Coverage: This is the simplest and most prevalent type of insurance for livestock. This coverage allows you to insure a specific number of animals, for example, 200 diary cattle or 500 pigs.

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